A world-first DOOH advertising platform offering real-time audience data and optimised engagement opportunities.

CaptiVision is a dynamic, leading-edge, advertising and content platform designed to offer a flexible and targeted messaging solution that stays true to our unrivalled 70% unprompted campaign recall guarantee.

What makes CaptiVision unique?

  • Built-in audience measurement capability
  • Audience-specific deep data including gender, lifestyle, reach, engagement, location and time by campaign
  • Powerful Share of Voice (SOV) min. 1/3
  • Supports animation, video and static displays as 15 or 30 second play
  • High-dwell environments
  • NFC enabled screens for digital engagement
  • Flexible media schedules including day-parting, weekly, and fortnightly schedules
  • Male, female bathrooms and parent rooms for audience segmentation

Built-in NFC technology enabling instant conversions

Step 1

Tap your device on the Convenience Advertising logo.

Step 2

Receive coupons and information to your smartphone instantaneously.